This is my first game made with Godot Engine. I developed it on my free time for about 3 weeks. 

The controls should be instictive on a touchscreen, use arrow keys and mouse on PC. Figuring out how to win a mini game is part of the fun.

The browser version runs fine with Firefox but the controls do not seem to be working with Chrome (?). Download the Android version for a better experience :)

Give me your feedback on the comments section so I can improve it ;)

Music : Pixelland - Kevin MacLeod

Sprites : Some from some (pixel art) by myself

Font : Orange Juice - Brittney Murphy Design

Sound effects :

Pixel Art by Myself :D


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Development log


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excellent graphics, love this kind of designs..

quite challenging thou hahaha

Thank you !!! Hope you had a good time ;)

It's very challenging in a good way.

Aha, a very interesting concept. Adding new and different stuff must be the hardest part of the game tho but that's where the fun is.

First couple of tries resulted in "wtf"s until I understood what to do.  Seems pretty easy to discover though, just needs a couple of tries. Maybe you can add a brief introduction later on to tell people what to expect.

Overall, I like it! Fun stuff.

Music is  too loud for me, that' my only issue.

How long did it take you to get to this stage?

Thank you for the feedback ! 

I worked on this project for about 3 weeks on my free time, I would say about 10-12h a week (about 40h total probably). 

On the next update I'll adjust the volume and more importantly put a mute button for the music ^^. I hesitated about putting an introduction thinking it would part of the fun to discover what to do for each screen and focus on doing instinctive controls.

I plan to release a more complete version on the Google Play Store with more mini games and more polished overall.

It was my first project with Godot Engine.

Very good job for a first project with a new engine, kudos!

An introduction was merely a suggestion as it is not necessary but it may help to retain some players who might give up after the first try. Entirely depends on your target audience though. Don't bother thinking about it at this stage :)

Thanks again ! I think you're right about maybe discouraging some people, I'll see about some quick tips.

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good work on the game dude. Everything looks and plays pretty well!!!

Thank you for taking the time to play it :)